Ecommerce: Is It Right For Your Business?

We've always said if you have a business, any business, you need a website. End of story. The question we'll try to answer here is -- do you need an ecommerce site?

We admit to a certain bias that believes many brick-and-mortar retail shops will benefit from an ecommerce site, but we also know it's not for everybody.

If you run your own business you aready know. Succeeding in business is not easy. And if you own your own business you've probably already guessed...ecommerce is no different than any other business.

So, the first myth we'd like to dispell is that ecommerce is easy. Like all business models, it has it's upside and downside which tend to balance out and level the playing field for anyone willing to get in the game.

But the ecommerce model is new and it does present opportunities that were previously out of reach for all but the deepest pockets.

How An Ecommerce Site Can Help Your Business

Yes, properly implemented, an ecommerce site can create a new revenue stream and sales channel. But rather than talking in semi-abstract business school terms let's use some concrete examples of how an ecommerce site can work for you right now.

  • Introducing potential customers to your business and what you sell before they ever step in your shop
  • Turning new customers into repeat customers

Introducing potential customers to your business

And once you've created a new customer what is better than turning them into a repeat customer...a year round customer at that. Without an ecommerce site you're really not giving them that opportunity.

They liked your shop enough to make that initial purchase so why not market to them with an email list signup (and other forms of traditional and web marketing), stay in the forefront of their minds, and maybe they'll do a little Christmas shopping with you later that year.

Ecommerce Helps Businesses Grow

The point we're really trying to make is that owning an ecommerce site doesn't necessarily mean you have to go toe-to-toe with the big guys. There are concrete benefits to be had right here and now that will help grow your business without trying to set the world on fire.

Don't get us wrong, we love to go head to head with the big retailers, happily knocking off a fraction of a percentage point from the bottom line in a mega-market. If that's what you want to do we're here to help with that too.

Our point is that ecommerce can help grow the business you own right now.

Contact us today and tell us your vision for your site.