UPDATE: Miva Merchant 9

Late in 2014 Miva released the long anticipated Miva Merchant 9. Miva 9 is a complete rewrite of the administrative back end making order processing, data entry and many other day-to-day tasks faster and more efficient.

But the improvements don't end there. The new ReadyThemes make it easy to get up and running with a full featured, professionally designed store. And if you sell on eBay or Amazon you can integrate those channels into the Miva 9 back end and run your website, eBay and Amazon from a single interface!

That and many other enhancements make Miva Merchant 9 the best Miva yet.

Miva Merchant: Shopping Cart Extraordinaire

We built our first ecommerce website way back in 1996 and it is nothing short of amazing the progress that has been made since then. With Miva Merchant, any small business can have an ecommerce compliment to the traditional revenue channels. Yet, Miva is equally suited to those looking to create an online-only store.

And you might be surprised to learn that the degree of sophistication available to the small or medium sized online merchant rivals that of the biggest retailers at a fraction of the cost.

What Is Miva Merchant?

Miva Merchant is shopping cart software. Miva writes the software all ecommerce sites require in order to conduct business online. Fundamentally, it involves accepting items placed in a virtual shopping cart by shoppers as well as the secure transfer of payment (usually credit cards) information from the shopper to the merchant in order to complete the purchase.

We didn't start out building our ecommerce sites with Miva Merchant. In the early days, we used any number of serviceable shopping cart solutions but were never quite satisfied with the way we'd have to conform day-to-day store operations to the limitations of the software, rather than the other way around. That began to change somewhere around 2004 when we discovered Miva Merchant.

Not only is Miva Merchant cost effective for small businesses, it is constructed to be as user friendly to the non-geek crowd as can reasonably be expected. You'll still need to know how to surf the web and use email and the more computer literate you are the better off you'll be. But Miva Merchant is designed with you, the end user, in mind and makes every attempt to shield you from the complexity of operating an ecommerce site, something it does remarkably well.

Miva Merchant Is A Modular Platform

The Miva platform is modular by design meaning there is a core functionality to the software (which is constantly developed and improved upon by Miva) beyond which site owners can add extra features in the form of third-party modules and specialty services.

This is a great way to keep the overall price of the software low while allowing growing businesses to add functionality to their sites as needed or desired.

Miva Is Flexible

All businesses are different. Not only that, businesses evolve and grow. Your ecommerce platform needs to allow for these inevitabilities. Miva's modular design and well thought out feature set provide maximum flexibility to grow and scale your business.

As Ecommerce Evolves, So Does Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant is continually under development as the rapidly changing world of ecommerce continues to evolve. Therefore, barring a complete revolution in how online commerce is conducted, your site will not become obsolete.

Certified Miva Merchant Developer

Sedona Web Works is a Silver Certified Miva Merchant developer, Miva's highest certification level.

Certified Miva Merchant Web Developer